Inflammatory abnormalities underlie a large variety of human diseases. Tissue damage resulting from impaired control of the complex system of immune cells and mediators can also play a role in autoimmunity and non-immune diseases such as cancer and atherosclerosis.

At Cerba Research, global access to demographically rich data and industry-leading laboratories drives the development of more advanced biomarker strategies to help characterize the mechanisms that account for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases — and identify novel targets for therapeutic intervention.

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Our Inflammatory Disease Trials

Our Autoimmune Disease Trials

64% of our autoimmune disease trials have resulted in FDA-approved drugs.


Enhance your research in inflammatory conditions with our broad complement of test services and research assistance related to:

  • Biomarkers
  • Genetics
  • Immune monitoring
  • Allergies and respiratory disorders
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Pathogenesis

Autoimmune diseases

Investigations into autoimmunity benefit from a multifaceted approach.  

Genetic Testing/NGS

Along with infections and other exposures, genes play a significant role in disease development

Diagnosis & development

Tissue diagnosis and routine testing register pathology and the course of the disease

Immune monitoring

Gauge response to treatment by following up on the status of immune cells via flow cytometry

Biomarker Testing

Develop and follow serum markers for both diagnosis and prognosis of autoimmune diseases

For other relevant methodologies, please see our immuno-oncology offerings.

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