Cerba Research Biorepository: Your Gateway to Rapid Specimen Procurement and Analysis

Since 1967, Cerba HealthCare Group has accompanied scientific and technological advances in diagnosis, prevention and precision medicine in order to better meet the expectations of health professionals and patients.

This constant quest for improvement has led Cerba Research to create one of the world’ s largest and multinational commercial biorepository with the unique goal of contributing to the advancement of Science.

As a specialty and central laboratory for clinical trials covering 5 continents, our biospecimen provision is the starting point for your research to facilitate further downstream decisions inclusion: robust assay development and assay validation with quality samples.

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Processing Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC) For Clinical Trials

PBMC-based analytical tests are crucial to accelerate the development of new vaccines, drug discovery, diagnostic development, Precision Medicine Research (e.g., CAR-T cell therapy, gene therapy, etc.), and toxicology applications. To this end, the supply of high-quality PBMC is an essential first step in the process.

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The Art Of Histopathology

Discover the art of histopathology through the eyes of our most skilled scientists.

Immunohistochemistry biomarkers are key players in clinical development success. Tissue biomarkers can aid in the confirmation of diagnosis, patient selection, and/or for mechanistic evaluation.

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If you would like to know more about how Cerba Research can help you, our IHC expert scientific team will consult with you on your specific needs. Flexible in our approach and delivery to provide timely and cost effective solutions to meet your clinical and commercial objectives.

Protein Biomarkers Overview

With some therapeutics proving ineffective in as many as 75% of patients, the need for precision medicine is clear, as is the benefit of using selection biomarkers in the drug development process where success rates can triple. In the era of personalized and precision medicine, we have expanded our portfolio beyond the routine safety and efficacy parameters in order to deliver value. We are committed to providing a full repertoire of next-generation assays.

Cerba Research can provide either targeted approaches or broad immune profiling and multifactorial biomarker approaches to identify one or a variety of biomarkers, depending on the stage of your clinical trial and the purpose of the biomarker.

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