World Vaccine Congress Europe 2022

Cerba Research and Viroclinics-DDL have merged to combine the strengths of a global central and speciality lab with specialist testing and vaccine development in a shared mission for advancing research and advancing health.

Visit us on Stand 27 to discover how we can help your virology or immuno-oncology vaccine development.

Advancing Biomarker Analysis Europe

Join us at Advancing Biomarker Analysis on September 14 at 2.10 PM BST, when Amanda Finan, Head of IHC/Histology R&D and Clinical Validation at Cerba Research, will give a talk on Multiplex IHC: a Powerful Companion for Pre-Clinical and Clinical Studies. In this highlight on different multiplex techniques and analyses, she will discuss:

  • the benefits of multiplex IHC for biomarker discovery and mechanistic investigations for pre-clinical and clinical studies, with a focus on immuno-oncology
  • flexible and custom assay development


EHA Congress 2021

Biomarkers Week 2021

Conducting Clinical Trials During COVID-19: Lessons for the Next Pandemic

The coronavirus is not the first infectious disease that has forced clinical trials to adapt. Zika, Ebola and other diseases called for the world to adjust and collaborate global research efforts. With COVID-19, the rapid spread and impact on global healthcare systems forced us to change our trial management and accelerate our processes like never before. The global research community have already discovered and developed several tests and vaccines in record time through collaboration. Yet we are still working on predictive biomarker testing to identify people who are at the most risk of developing severe symptoms, epidemiological, vaccine and genetic studies.

To facilitate testing, research, and innovation and to ensure trials continued, Cerba Research and Cerba Healthcare adapted our capabilities and facilities to push research continuity.

Register for this webinar to learn the answers to these questions:

  • Did we succeed, how fast did we adapt and are we ready to face a new pandemic crisis in the future?
  • How did we maintain the high security and confidence of testing, and what did our reactivity and proactivity mean in the context of a health crisis?

Join us on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 at 10am EDT (NA) / 3pm BST (UK) / 4pm CEST (EU-Central)!

Outsourcing in Clinical Trials (OCT) Europe 2021

Webinar: Leveraging Medical Laboratory Data for Patient Recruitment

Connecting real-world laboratory data from clinical sites and digitalizing patient data – the power of Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) to change the trials of tomorrow

Digitalization continues to provide an impetus to move away from centralized, high-cost and difficult-to-access settings to more virtual, patient-centric and decentralized clinical trial (DCT) models. Our methods need to be more patient-centric, and we need to collaborate to find remote solutions.

Thanks to digitization, we can now decentralize clinical trials and put patient data in front of research success. In partnership with Biokortex, Cerba research will show participants of this webinar a picture of the future: how clinical trials will look tomorrow. New technologies allow us to imagine a whole new process for drug development and assays. This new way of thinking reduces costs and enhance access to data. The world is evolving fast, and we need to develop accordingly. Agility, adaptability and digitization need to be the new keywords for a more manageable and secure development.

Register for this webinar to learn more about patient recruitment for decentralized clinical trials.

OCT South East

BIO Digital