Cerba Research Biomarker overview

Biomarkers can triple drug development success rates when used in clinical research. While scientific and technological advances have led to the discovery of more circulating biomarker candidates, the challenge lies in validating those biomarkers.

Cerba Research takes a personalized approach to biomarker assay development and validation to help clients improve their odds of success. This approach involves the experience of our leading scientists, and our five-continent laboratory network.

Our highly specialized custom assays, innovative anatomical pathology biomarker support and biomarker strategies de-risk study conduct and generate the data you need to bring new therapies to light. From translational research to clinical through commercialization, Cerba actuates real-world data to help you reach patients and bring clarity to complex research.

Cerba Research provides flexible, tailored biomarker solutions through a network of labs across five continents. When you partner with us, you gain the operational and scientific expertise to advance both targeted approaches and broad immune profiling. Together, we will develop biomarker strategies that help your trial succeed.


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