Mario Papillon

While the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged all of us, at Cerba Research, we have responded the way we always do, by focusing on our mission as the foundation for our strategy: leveraging patient data and scientific insight to shape and advance clinical trials by providing customized laboratory solutions to support global biotech, pharma, IVD, and research organizations to improve the lives of patients around the world.

Cerba stands with both its employees and clients, agile and ready to adapt to maintain the seamless relationships and quality partnerships we have nurtured together. We are proud to help continue business as usual, from clinical trial laboratory services to translational research to IVD, during this most unusual time.

To help combat the pandemic, Cerba developed two new COVID-19 exploratory tools to enhance clinical research for the development of vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. Developed by scientists at Cerba Healthcare on nasopharyngeal ongoing patient samples, these tools are available and efficient on clinical specimens. Furthermore, this whole-genome sequencing in NGS assay is available for other viruses responsible for respiratory diseases like influenza viruses.

And when the French government’s healthcare agency, Santé Publique France, commissioned a study for the serology, prevalence, and evolution of COVID-19 in the French population, Cerba Research was selected to conduct this study due to the wide lab network of the Cerba Healthcare Group. This provided a unique capability to prospectively collect and provide thousands of samples before, during, and after the French lockdown.

Integrity and rigorous science are the basis of everything we do at Cerba. We ask ourselves the same question time and again: “How will this decision enable us to better serve our customers?” Our approach to COVID-19 simply expanded on this basic idea: “How will this decision enable us to better serve humankind?”

I would like to thank the courageous, selfless healthcare heroes who risk their own lives, day after day, on the front lines of the pandemic — along with all my colleagues here at Cerba, working tirelessly to help make progress against COVID-19 and to keep critical clinical trials up and running.

In the spirit of improving lives around the world, let us all continue to join together in making the right decisions, day by day, that will allow us to move forward as one.

Mario Papillon, CEO