At Cerba Research, we help you shape your complex, global clinical trial from the start. Our passion is to supply the precise tools and knowledge that will empower you to bring new, life-changing therapies to life.

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Cerba HealthCare

European leader, the group is present in all segments of the clinical pathology market: routine clinical pathology, mainly in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and in Africa, through a network of over 650laboratories and 60 technical facilities; specialised clinical pathology through the Group’s original laboratory serving more than 50 countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East; central lab testing for clinical trials, an essential service for the development of new molecules in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, through its subsidiaries located across the 5 continents; and lastly, central lab testing for diagnostic trials, enabling the In Vitro diagnostics industry to analytically validate new medical devices before they are put on the market. In 2016, Cerba HealthCare diversified into the veterinary pathology and genetics market with Cerba Vet, a company established for this purpose. Cerba HealthCare has over 8,000 employees, including 650 medical pathologists.