With Cerba Research as your partner for integrated clinical laboratory and diagnostic solutions, you direct the course of your complex trial. Team up with our top scientists to develop IVD devices that streamline research and improve patients’ lives. With more than 450 laboratories globally, we support you from your investigations through your regulatory, valuation, and marketing activities. Capitalize on our industry-leading laboratories, demographically rich data, and regulatory expertise to accelerate your program to market.

Tap into our huge network

Cerba Research experts in Europe, Africa, and the U.S. will tailor diagnostic solutions to suit your needs. Our network includes:

  • 450 clinical laboratories (all certified ISO 15189)
  • CAP accreditations, CLIA certifications
  • Over 600 different types of instruments in multiple copies at multiple sites
  • More than 27 million patients each year
  • Essentially all the IVD instruments on the market

BARC Global
In Vitro Diagnostics

Be sure about regulatory compliance

GDPR regulations are everyone’s concern. To ensure security and safety for patients, our dedicated team will accompany you throughout the execution of your studies, supervising your evaluations in both CE and FDA regulatory frameworks. Side by side, we will perform with you all the testing required to prepare your product technical file.

Find cohorts with ease

Through our association with Cerba HealthCare, we receive up to 250,000 samples per day in all types of matrices. Moreover, we have almost 3,000 tests in our catalog, including 1,300 tests performed by Cerba Specialized Clinical Pathology Lab.

Get help with marketing studies

Our facilities have helped market-test more than 1,100 IVD instruments, performing systems and software comparisons, usability studies, support claims, etc. Your medical device will be tested by professional users, in situ.

Establish your own micro-laboratory at Cerba Research

Confidentiality is essential to your research and your development, so we are happy to set up your laboratory in one of our blind rooms with limited access to ensure privacy. This way, you can be as close as possible to your samples — and our expert team.