Cerba Research is proud to support global biotech, pharma, and IVD organizations that bring life-changing therapies to patients worldwide. As your integrated clinical laboratory and diagnostic solutions partner, we recognize that your passion for improving lives extends far beyond your therapeutic development — just as ours does.

We know firsthand that creating a lasting impact can be challenging when you’re working alone. But when we work together, we can change the shape of the future. That’s Cerba Shaping Change.

To show our commitment to impacting more lives together, Cerba has donated 750 pentavalent vaccines (five different vaccines in a single vial) to the Greater Gift Foundation, supporting their worldwide mission to help children in need. We will continue to donate throughout the year and invite you to join us in being catalysts for good by donating to Greater Gift, sharing your organization’s passion for philanthropic work or promoting causes you value, personally.

0 Vaccines Goal:1,250

Individually, we can do good. Together, we can change the shape of the future. Share this page to help us exceed our goal of 600 donated vaccines and follow our progress.

We encourage you to follow Cerba Research on social media and use #CerbaShapingChange to help raise awareness among the healthcare community.