With Cerba Research as your partner for integrated clinical laboratory and diagnostic solutions, you direct the course of your complex trial. Team up with our top scientists: We’ll help you assess needs and generate early insights that optimize your protocol — from translational research to clinical through commercialization.

Your unique plan adjusts according to your needs

In today’s clinical research, one size never fits all. Customer-focused project management with open and proactive communication is essential to conducting a smooth trial. We aim to build respectful and trusting relationships with our clients. As a midsized provider, we offer the courtesy, attention to detail, and proactive vigilance of an organization invested in your success and in the ultimate endpoint — improving patients’ lives.

Advantages of partnering with Cerba Research for project management include:

  • Our Global Project Managers have strong interpersonal skills, are able to stay calm under pressure and understand the complexities of clinical trials and the need to effectively manage changes during the lifetime of a project.
  • We assign a dedicated Global Project Manager who will truly partner with you and your organization and can understand what is important to you and your clinical trial. The Global Project Manager is able to develop customized solutions to meet your clinical trial needs.
  • Our Global Project Managers are highly experienced in project management and understand the central lab environment. They know what it takes to lead and execute your project on time and within budget. 
  • Every project has a core project team established by the Global Project Manager which includes a trial set-up manager, a data transfer analyst, and subject matter experts from our Science, Quality Assurance and Operations teams that are strategically aligned to support your clinical trial needs.
  • Our multi-lingual investigator site-focused team is dedicated to supporting investigator sites with training and compliance to ensure the successful delivery of your trial. 
  • Each project is set-up and managed through a single global study database, enabling standardization and consistency of data. It’s accessible through our online portal, allowing real-time access to your clinical trial data.
  • Our Global Portfolio Managers have extensive experience and support a client portfolio to enable effective management, consistency, and standardization across a portfolio, driving efficiencies and enabling streamlined and optimized project and portfolio delivery.
  • We implement a Global Project Management governance framework to ensure we are continuously tracking and monitoring project performance. This enables us to ensure we are delivering service quality to exceed our clients’ expectations.