Today’s rapid proliferation of scientific data places more knowledge within our reach than ever before. At Cerba Research, powerful expertise with global access to demographically rich data and industry-leading laboratories drives the development of more advanced biomarker strategies and informs downstream decisions sooner. This intelligence yields novel tests and custom assays that can change the shape of your clinical investigation and accelerate your progress to market.

With a focus on precision medicine, Cerba Research delivers:

  • Flexible solutions in complex flow cytometry
  • Comprehensive, selective cytokine profiling
  • Immunoprofiling and biomarker analysis for patient screening and monitoring
  • Molecular diagnostics tools including NGS
  • Sophisticated bioanalytical support in method development, validation, and sample analysis of PK/PD and immunogenicity assays
  • Experienced, highly capable technology transfers

Cerba Research has built a reputation as a trusted partner committed to ensuring you benefit fully from our personalized services and scientific solutions. In close collaboration with your team, we take your clinical investigation and its very specific requirements as our blueprint for customized, highly validated assay development.

Contact us today to discuss how you can leverage our dedicated resources to streamline your research.